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Finding ways to improve the performance of your brain has long been a subject of interest to scientists and researchers. One of the methods that has been receiving a lot of attention recently is auditory stimulation. Brainwave entrainment is delivers through binaural, isochronic tones or monaural beats. The methods are proven effective in scientific studies. Here are some facts that you should know before choosing auditory stimulation for enhancing your intelligence.

Different areas in the brain help to provide enhancement of characteristics such as physical performance, achievement of goals, creativity, relaxation, self confidence and memory. Each type of brainwave entrainment has different strengths. Each type serves a different purpose. Choosing the one that enhances your particular desired trait has been shown to be successful.

Your intelligence quotient (IQ) is due in part to your genetics, but it is also enhanced by your early childhood education and by the way you are raised. Your parents and peers have input into how well you develop your potential. You can enhance the number that identifies your IQ by several points, simply by taking advantage of auditory brainwave stimulation. It is easy to set up and listen to the appropriate sounds.

Brain waves are actually the electrical impulses that travel along neural pathways in the brain. By manipulating the frequency levels of the tones that you hear, your brain is tricked into resetting the frequency setting. Several distinctive patterns have been identified and named. The patterns primary characteristic is rate of cycles. The named patterns from slowest to fastest are Delta waves, Theta waves, Alpha waves, Beta waves and Gamma waves.

The distinction between binaural and monaural beats is the use of headphones to achieve the correct frequency. Binaural beats are created by playing two different frequencies about 10 Hz apart. The headphone plays a different frequency in each ear. The brain attempts to reconcile the two different frequencies and adjusts the brainwaves to match what the ears are hearing. With monaural beats, the sound frequencies are mixed without the use of a headphone.

Isochronic tones also do not require a headphone. The tones are created with separate pulses in the desired frequency. Monaural beats use sine waves to achieve the same result. Since the concept is different in the three types of tones, individuals may have better results with one or the other of the methods. Isochronic tones tens to offer faster results.

The goal for each of the techniques is to improve creativity, learning and relaxation. If you are trying to achieve a more compassionate attitude toward others. Because your brain is able to adjust the frequency to the range that is most effective for a particular result, you can customize your results.

Perhaps you want to use monaural beats to enhance your ability to solve problems. Cognitive thinking is a common result noted by those who practice brainwave entrainment. Reduction of fear, anxiety and panic attacks can be done by calming and relaxation techniques. Enhanced perception of reality is improved with certain frequency levels.


Binaural brain waves were first discussed in the first part of the nineteenth century, when researcher Dove discovered that your neural center will try to adjust its frequency rhythm when it receives auditory stimulus close to its own frequency. This can be used to retrain the neural waves. This will enhance the ability to relax deeply. Previously only those who have practiced meditation techniques for many years were able to achieve this level of relaxation.

Although the phenomenon was noted at the time, not much was done with the information for more than a century. At that time, an article appeared in a scientific magazine that raised interest and questions about wave patterns. Research and scientific studies about the effective of binaural beats increased dramatically. A great deal of information about the entrainment of wave frequencies has been identified and recorded since that time.

This type of beat is created when you wear headphones where a recording is played. The sounds that are piped to each ear is different than the frequencies played in the other ear. The body seeks to adjust its own natural frequencies to the rate of the frequencies it is hearing. Since the two frequencies are different, an average of the two frequencies essentially averages the two rates.

The rate that the mind tries to reach will depend upon the tones that you use. A study of the various brainwave frequencies and how they work will help you to decide what tones you want to use in order to achieve the the desired results. If you want to reach a state of relaxation, you might want to consider setting up a frequency between 13 and seven Hz. This level of wave frequency is called an alpha wave.

Using appropriate CDs to achieve the desired frequency level will allow the use to achieve relaxed and restful mind set. You can reach a meditative state in terms of brain frequency in a relatively short period of time. You don’t have to go through months or even years of practice and training to be able to meditate deeply. The tones from the audio soundtracks give the same results quickly and easily.

Binaural rhythms offer deeply relaxed states to be able to meditate. The process can also be used to improve your ability to concentrate. It will improve your learning process. You can learn more quickly and retain facts for completely and for longer periods of time. You can learn how to go to sleep and enjoy your sleep times more.

Programming your brain to reach high levels of functioning is also possible through use of these techniques. You can reach a state where concentration and focus is much easier. When your brain is able to reach the appropriate neural frequency rate to concentrate, absorb and use various facts to draw conclusions, you are more likely to retain the information you learn.

The binaural brain waves that you can use to change the way your brain functions should not be used lightly. You can obtain the right techniques and instructions when you do the needed research. Learning more about the subject will help you to achieve the right level of understanding.




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